Who is John Ireland?



  • Chatting to Bill Nicholson (Manager of the Spurs League & FA Cup “double” winning team in 1960-61) at least once a week by the photocopying machine at White Hart Lane.
  • Drafting a £4M sponsorship agreement between Spurs & Holsten on just two A4 pages and getting it signed by both parties within 24 hours of the main terms being agreed by Alan Sugar.
  • Enjoying boardroom hospitality at Wimbledon FC and realising I was actually sat between & chatting to two of England’s 1966 World Cup heroes, Geoff Hurst & Martin Peters.
  • Instigating an application to trade mark “Tottenham” in 1997 in order to prevent its exploitation by street traders (against the better judgment of Alan Sugar) which was eventually successful in 2003
  • Playing five a side against a team comprising Ossie Ardiles (winner of the World Cup in 1978 for Argentina), Steve Perryman (ex Spurs Captain & winner of FA Cup in 1981 and 1982) and other ex professional players
  • Partnering Jurgen Klinsmann (winner of the World Cup in 1990 for Germany) in a Spurs training session during an overseas tour of the Far East, then playing in an 11 a side match with him, Teddy Sherringham, Darren Anderton, Nick Barmby etc
  • Being appointed by the FA Premier League as their representative on the FA committee set up to make recommendations as to the future regulation of the top European football clubs, now known as UEFA’s “Financial Fair Play” regulations.
  • Representing Sol Campbell in relation to a charge of assaulting a steward at Derby County during a fracas in the players’ tunnel after the final whistle and digging deep enough into a box of papers from the CPS to locate an obscure document that proved beyond doubt the player was innocent.
  • Representing Gary Mabbut (then Spurs Captain) at an FA Enquiry into John Fashanu’s alleged assault on the pitch in November 1993 when he damaged Gary’s Mabbutt’s face with his elbow in an aerial challenge leaving the Spurs defender with a broken skull and eye socket
  • Being sent by the Board to Saudi Arabia during Ramadan to conclude the transfer of Moussa Saib & having heated arguments with a genuine Saudi Prince during a night long negotiation. And did I mention then having to re-type the deal myself on a Saudi computer at 4.00 AM where the cursor goes from right to left ?



  • Joe Strummer singing Clash songs a cappella in my office when acting for him in regard to a third party falsely claiming to have contributed to the lyrics of “The Magnificent Seven” and others.
  • Acting for Roger Walters after his split from Pink Floyd, watching his first solo gig at Madison Square Gardens from the side of the stage, then exiting with him & his entourage in a stretch limo to go to the after show party
  • Listening to Jack Bruce RIP for six wonderful hours as he told me the story of his career with Cream when seeking advice as to a possible claim against his old record company.
  • Winning one of the first ever “sampling” cases when acting for Toni Smith (co-writer & vocalist on Tom Browne’s “Funkin’ for Jamaica”) after her vocal on another recording was used in the No. 1 hit “Theme from S’Express”.
  • In a similar fashion, obtaining appropriate compensation when Norman Cook (aka Fat Boy Slim) used Paul Simonon’s bass line from the Clash song “Guns Of Brixton” – just check out the “velcro” give-away sound clue on both recordings!
  • Hanging out in Mick Hucknell’s hotel room after a gig in Kilburn during a Simply Red tour after their first hit “Money’s Too Tight (Too Mention)” in 1986.
  • Getting American rapper, Nas, to allow my artist, Rising Son, to perform “Thief’s Theme” with him on his UK tour in March 2005 (Rising features on the album track) and standing on the side of the stage with Dizzee Rascal when three gun shots were fired at the Brixton Academy gig resulting in pandemonium breaking out amongst the crowd.
  • Being smiled at & touched on the shoulder by Liza Minnelli at a music awards event in 2011.



  • Acting for an employee who suffered abuse and bullying at the hands of her well known music industry boss and within two weeks negotiating a payment into the client’s bank account of three years salary by way of compensation without recourse to the law, merely by mentioning that a similar sum could be obtained by selling the story to the tabloid papers.
  • Acting for Dark Fibre Films in relation to their documentary “Clowns in the Hood” (directed by David Lachapelle and subsequently made into the feature film “Rize”) then driving in one day from the desert of Las Vegas to snow at the Sundance Film Festival near Salt Lake City for its premiere and ending the night partying at Mr Lachapelle’s rented mansion with Paris Hilton and other celebrities.
  • Appearing in the end title credits of the “Rize” film, squeezed between Elton John and Madonna.
  • Meeting a young and very beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones, with her agent, Lou Coulson, and being asked to advise over a contractual dispute.
  • Acting for Miriam (a stunning transsexual who starred in a Sky One show “There’s Something About Miriam”) and when the other participants threaten to sue for “distress” due to my client’s life choice, pointing out to the Producers that I had included a provision in her contract that expressly required that they indemnify her against any such claims.